(translated by the author)

I come across a thing called“violin worm"
In a book about an American Indian.
Do you think a worm plays the violin?
Surely interesting if so,Ithink.
It is not that he plays the violin
But Indians catch him.
How do you think the way they catch the worm?
At first they drive in a pile in the ground
And rub the top of it with a piece of board.
Then the worm comes out of the earth one
after another,
Because he does not like the noise.
Here Indians just pick him up on the ground.
Oh,I feel sympathy for him!
There once lived a girl next to my
Who had learned to play the violin.
I used to go for a walk in a hurry
As soon as she began to play.
I am not a long-faced fish,merrily
Striding through vigorously.
Now,in my sonorous voice,I shall recite
from my pocket book―
The first page.